We’re Your Partner in Your Success


We’re MUSE.

One of Nepal’s largest digital marketing agencies. An agency that always places business impact above all else. Real business impact that makes a difference to brand awareness, sales and visibility, Every single time.

We have built several structures and capabilities, but we’re always nimble and agile. Established in 2008, we are ten years old, but we’re still underdogs that play in the big leagues. We continue to scale up, but we remain a tight-knit family of #Kinnectors.

At Muse, we marry old-school branding principles with new-age solutions. Solutions that simultaneously employ creativity and data-driven insights. Solutions that produce real-time, relevant and reportable results for your brand.

Culture is important to us, and so we invest in our employees. We invest in their growth and development, helping them become the person they truly want to be, professionally and personally. So that our #museteam can help you be the brand you truly want to be.