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When you are planning your Social Media Marketing cycle you must implement your process. The planning cycle consists of multiple steps to effectively gain an outcome. It is important to methodically carry out all of the steps, which are, listening, setting goals, defining strategies, identifying the target audience (market), selecting tools, selecting platforms and channels, implementing, monitoring and tuning. In this editorial I will be providing you a breakdown and in-depth process of defining strategies.

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Strategy is KEY for any social media or content marketing effort. Strategy must be a priority when developing strong content. How to do this? It must be done on a case-by-case basis, using all pertinent data information provided by the business or organization. This gives a perspective for marketers to analyze and make adjustments through its’ business unique strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats (SWOT).

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Listening to what the audience is saying about the company or brand. This will enable the company to determine its current social media presence. Given the information will help facilitate setting new social media goals and strategies for achievement. Another important reason why listening is important, to gather social web information for competitive intelligence (understanding what people are saying about competitors and what competitors are saying about themselves).

Listening skills also reveals the way people talk about products and brands, including specific (keywords) words are used. It is critical to find out what people are already talking about before becoming part of the conversation.

Setting goals

Setting goals involves conducting an analysis (such as SEMrush) to determine a company’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats (SWOT) in the competitive environment. Often a competitive analysis is performed from the strengths and weaknesses of key competitors. By performing appraisals, digital marketers can decide which social media goals will satisfy the unmet needs of the consumers.

The digital marketer will then go in and capitalize on the strengths of the company and seize opportunities, while minimizing organizational weaknesses and external threats. A competitive analysis tool is an effective way of staying ahead of the curve. Key: Threats doesn’t always come from competitors but also industry trends (check out what’s trending), advances in technology or general economic conditions.

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Defining Strategies must be addressed on a case-by-case basis. Given all key data is provided to help the company or organizations reach its’ marketing goals.

Please consult a digital marketer/marketer for guidance and suggestions. It will allow adjustments based on company organization’s unique strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats.

Identifying the target audience

Identifying the target audience (market) is done by researching the behavior, the needs, the location and the preference of the target audience. To understand the appropriate target audience, it requires the understanding of how the market segments work. In most cases the Social Media Marketing (SMM) plan (should be within the Business Plan, under to the Marketing Plan section) will target at least a few available segments.

A strategic approach of a target audience for a Social Media Marketing campaign enables a company to organize its’ marketing strategies to effectively and efficiently most receptive to become Leads and even Brand advocates.

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Selecting Tools of Social Media Marketing

Selecting Tools of Social Media Marketing (SMM) to assist with virtually every activity in the planning cycle. There are tools in scheduling posts at a certain time on various social networks.

Tools to track brand mentions or hashtag usage, or tools to help create or prepare images for posting (such as Canva). There are also tools for search engine optimization (SEO) such as Google keywords. They even have tools to shorten the links so it can be embedded (ex: shorten links for embedding YouTube videos on your website, or multiple networks, etc.).

Selecting platforms and channels

Selecting platforms and channels that identifies the paths on the web by which content will be disbursed to the target audience. Social media platforms are a means of social communications from all over the world. Social media sites such as Twitter, Snap Chat, Facebook and blog publishing sites such as Blogger, just to name a few.

Channels are much broader entities (such as YouTube channel, Podcast, etc.) that are composed of various elements like, mobile websites, apps, and telecommunication services.

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Implementing & Monitoring


Implementing is the process the goals, strategies, target market and platforms are integrated in creating an actionable social media platform with specific marketing techniques. These executed techniques will make it possible for the company or organization to implement its specialized social media strategies across multiple social media platforms and achieve the company’s strategic marketing goals.


Monitoring is the process of tracking, measuring and evaluating an organization’s Social Media Marketing (SMM) initiatives. Using tracking tools, such as Google analytics, allows digital marketers to analyze and interpret data based on the company’s information. It also helps the company make informed decisions on which direction to take. There is a huge task when monitoring an enormous number of communications – daily, hourly, minute-by-minute; it is a formidable task with its’ self. Utilizing effective tools on a constant basis will allow a flow in the day-to-day operation.

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Tuning is a constant and continuous process of adjusting and improving elements of the SMM plan. This will maximize the chances of success and minimize the chances of threats. Make sure the adjustments are geared toward the specific niche the company is placed. Set the dial for success with increased leads, in-turn, increased revenue.

In conclusion, part of the role of a Social Media Marketer Consultant, is to create and facilitate a strategy; an actionable plan to boost leads and boost revenue for the company. This key planning cycle will give the company what it needs to identify its’ SWOT analysis. Utilizing the data to make informed decisions to boost the social media presence on all platforms. Finally, it carries out the best practices of the company, the marketing plan, includes a Social Media marketing strategy with continuous analytics and monitoring in place. With fine tuning in place, it will keep up with trends and social communications on the web

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